Our ambitious plans

Our vision is to be Britain's best loved insurer and we also want to make insurance something that people can relate to - by achieving our vision and humanising insurance we believe people will trust us to look after their insurance needs. And that is where you come in.

Our strategy

We believe that developing products of good value and offering a high quality of service will translate into a more profitable business. We do this in a way that combines the trusted behaviours of a mutual organisation with the competitiveness you'd expect from a successful plc. In short, best in class performance but with a human touch.

We live by our values

LV= people

Make it feel special

We go to incredible lengths to deliver a caring service and keep the promises we make.

LV= people

Know your stuff

We want every single person that works here to be the best they can be and keep their finger on the pulse.

LV= people

Treat people like family

We believe that treating people like family helps build a place where people love to work.

LV= people

Don't wait to be asked

We encourage our people to take the initiative and, that way, we'll up the pace of our work and the business.

We’re a mutual and proud

As a leading financial services provider and mutual, we want to help people live bigger, more confident lives, just like our founders set out to do so many years ago.

Much of our success can be attributed to our mutual status. We do things differently from other financial services companies, and in many ways better. Being run as a mutual means we don’t have to focus on generating profits for the benefit of shareholders – instead we can use our business to help and communities flourish. We put people at the heart of everything we do and that’s where you come in.

Our brand is regarded by many as one of our strongest assets and is just as famous for our heart as it is for quality and excellent customer service which is why we strive to be best loved by our customers and members. We want to use our green heart to help people look after the things they love.

Our Board

Our leaders are made up of many great minds with the right expertise to meet the requirements of our members and customers. Our board is responsible for shaping our strategy and overseeing its delivery, and the executives take care of running the business on a day-to-day basis.

Here are our board members:

  • Alan Cook, Chairman
  • Richard Rowney, Chief Executive Officer
  • Andy Parsons, Group Finance Director
  • David Neave, Non-Executive Director
  • David Barral, Non-Executive Director
  • Colin Ledlie, Non-Executive Director
  • Alison Hutchinson, Non-Executive Director
  • Luke Savage, Non-Executive Director

Read more about our Board members' profiles.