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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the recruitment process? We're happy to help. We've put together answers to some of the questions we get asked most often.

Q.1 What type of interview will it be?

That depends on the job you’ve applied for. We run interviews where it'll be just you and our interviewer(s), or you’ll attend a Talent Selection Event as well as an interview. We might ask you some technical or competency-based questions too, based on your understanding of the role’s requirements. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know in advance the format of your interview. But if you’re not sure which type of interview you’re attending, please call the recruitment hotline on 0800 289 934 for LV= GI.

Q2. Do I need to prepare for an interview?

Our interviews are competency based, so be ready to talk about your experiences to show us how you’ve dealt with certain situations, what actions you took and how effective they were. A top tip? Think of a range of examples that you can use before the interview.

Q3. Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, please. We’d like you to bring the following: 
1) Proof of your right to work in the UK

•    UK Passport, EEA Passport (in-date) or 
•    Full Birth Certificate (the A4 one!) or 
•    Non EEA Passport AND Biometric Residence Permit 
2) Proof of National Insurance, this could be: 

•    NI Card or 
•    Payslip or 
•    P45/P60 
3) Proof of address – this needs to list your name and current address. 
Please bring either option A or B listed below: 
A. (preferred option) – Driving license photo card OR, 

B. two documents from the below list: 

•    Bank Statement (dated within the last three months) 
•    Credit card statement (dated within last three months) - you must exclude the credit card number on any statement – otherwise we’re unable to accept this) 
•    UK Utility Bill (dated within last three months) – sorry but we can’t accept a mobile phone bill 
•    Government agency document – either from Department of Work and Pensions, Customers and Revenue, Job Centre/Job Centre Plus, Social Security (dated within last three months) 
•    UK Mortgage Statement (dated within last 12 months) 
•    UK P45 or P60 (dated within last 12 months) 
•    UK Council Tax Statement (dated within last 12 months) 
•    UK Financial Statement (dated within last 12 months), Pension, Endowment or ISA 
We'll also give you a reminder of what you need to bring with you in your interview confirmation email however, we've made a PDF version that you can download and print off.  

Q4. What does each band mean in the LV= GI job structure?

Basically, every job at LV= GI falls into four main bands:

  • Band A. Entry level roles. If you’re looking to get your career started with LV= GI or you’re keen to develop skills in a new area of the business. For example, Administration Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Motor Claims Consultant.
  • Band B. Generally, these are more technical roles or the first step on the managerial ladder. For example, Team Leader, Personal Injury Consultant, Resourcing Associate.
  • Band C. Technical professionals, specialists or managers. Like Qualified Accountant, Senior Actuarial Analyst and Section Manager (manages the Team Leaders).
  • Band D. Senior Managers. For example, Head of Actuarial Development, Head of Technical Claims

Q5. What is the dress code at LV=GI?

We want you to feel completely comfortable at work. That’s why we have a relaxed dress code in place. All that we ask is that you dress ‘smart casual’ and have respect for other colleagues. Jeans are fine but no loud or offensive slogans, please. 

Q6. How long until I find out if I’m successful for my interview?

For any customer service based role (claims included) we’ll aim to get in touch with an outcome as soon as possible.

For roles in other business areas, it’ll depend on how many applications we’ve received, the interview process (which may include a telephone and/or face to face interview) and other applicants’ interview dates. This should be no more than 14 days after your interview. 

Q7. What is LV= GI’s interview process?

We pride ourselves on making the interview process a smooth and well-communicated journey for all our potential candidates. Firstly, we conduct a telephone interview which consists of a role summary and brief overview of your CV, before ending with some competency-based questions; this can last from 15-45 minutes dependent on the role. If successful, we’ll invite you for your first face-to-face interview. You may have more than one face-to-face interview depending on the type of role you’ve applied for. 

A resourcing team member will be in touch to guide you through the interview process and let you know what the process is for the role you’ve applied for at each stage.

Q8. How can I prepare for my interview?

Take a look through our history and our current offering so you’ve got a really good understanding of what we actually do. Our culture and values are also really important to us, so we’d recommend finding out what they are and thinking of examples where you’ve demonstrated them in your life and career so far.

Some of our questions are competency based, so we’ll be looking for specific examples that demonstrate you have what it takes to succeed in the role. Start thinking about examples of when you’ve previously demonstrated skills and behaviours required for the role and have these ready in-mind for the day.

Most importantly, make sure you show passion and energy during the interview. Aside of all your skills and experiences, we want to know you really want the job and the best way you can do this at interview stage is to show us your enthusiasm for the role and LV= GI. 

Q9. Why do you require my ID documents?

As a financial services company, we require all ID from our candidates in order to complete the necessary referencing checks, including a DBS, so we can get you started promptly. Don’t worry - if you’re unsuccessful we’ll make sure to destroy your ID, in line with GDPR regulations. You can find out more here.


Q10. Is there room to move internally? What progression opportunities are available?

At LV= GI, our employees’ progression is really important to us. If you want to try something new or take the next step up, we’ll support you all the way.