Our Vision

Stand for something better

Our vision

Our vision is to build a modern mutual. How will we achieve it? By keeping our customers and members at the heart of every decision we make. That means always looking for better ways to do things, and being open and honest so our customers continue to place their financial trust in us for years to come.

This is us - our values

Our values are more than just words on a wall to us – they’re completely embedded in everything we do. We live and breathe them every day and they underpin every interaction we have – with each other and with our members and customers.

We are curious

Ideas come from all around. Invite them and learn from them.

We are courageous

Doing our best for our members and each other - giving all we've got to meet our goals.

We are trusted

Doing the right thing is everything.

We are inclusive

Everyone's welcome here.