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Meet Sara Medina, Learning and Development Consultant

“I love delivering training and working with new starters”

When did you start working for LV=?
October 2018. I started with a temporary agency.

What did you do before coming to work for LV=?
I worked in the social sector during my time in Spain. I then decided to move to Canada where I learnt English. After that, I moved to England where I studied before completing a Masters in HR.

What does your day-to-day role look like?
I’m lucky that my role consists of a range of different functions. For instance, I work closely with new starters at LV= and run induction sessions. I will be really excited to welcome you to LV= if you apply! I also take the lead on training courses, support our colleagues who are completing apprenticeships offered by LV=, assist our colleague MyMentor programme, and work closely on financial compliance training.

What advice would you give someone looking to do a job like yours?
To go for it! I’m glad I’ve taken advantage of the opportunities that have been offered to me. These have led to even more exciting opportunities like leading new starter induction sessions. I believe I’ve been able to grow in my role and I see the positive impact of my work on the business. Big companies can seem scary at first, but the more people there are, the more chance of meeting great colleagues from across the business. So go for it!

What have you enjoyed most in your role so far?
I love delivering training and working with new starters. I also love getting involved with different projects, where you get to work with other colleagues from around the business and learn loads.

What other role within LV= could you see yourself doing?
This is difficult because I love my position in the HR team. So, I would probably choose another role in within the People function.

For a work meeting, what’s your drink of choice?
Coffee! I love an iced Americano when the weather is nice. If not though, a black Americano.

Outside work, what do you enjoy doing?
I love to travel and spend time with my dog Luca. I’m also a big fan of dancing flamenco!

Fancy joining our customer service team here at LV=?
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