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Andrew Gilbert

Head of Retirement, Products and Propositions

As Head of Retirement, Products and Propositions, Andrew’s passionate about helping people improve their financial wellbeing. He shares his LV= journey so far and tells us what gets him out of bed in the morning.

“I'm someone who thrives on learning, growing, and experiencing new things”

I joined the Life and Pensions business back in 2005 as a Senior Actuarial Analyst in the Finance team in Bournemouth. 14 years later, I’m now Head of Retirement, Products and Propositions. It’s fair to say it’s been an interesting journey and I've had a lot of development opportunities during my time here, including various leadership and development-type programmes. I recently got accepted onto the Leading for the Future programme, which is for people with the potential to be future ExCo members. The business has really invested in me as an individual which has helped me grow and broaden my mindset during my time here. I'm someone who thrives on learning and experiencing new things, and I've been able to see that throughout my career. 

“We're passionate about making a difference to customers and members”

I lead the team that look after the propositions that we put out in the market for members and advisers. Although we're not responsible for speaking to customers day-to-day, we have an integral part to play in ensuring that they’re delivered a product that meets their expectations and regulatory needs. We’re a very member-centric organisation and I think that shines through in our culture. We're passionate about making a difference to customers and members, so they’re always at the very heart of what we do. As a business, we're at that really nice level of being small enough to really care, but large enough to make a difference. 

“It’s sometimes challenging, but it's always very, very rewarding.”

We've been around for 178 years, and I’d like us to be around for 178 more. So we have a high-challenge, high-support mentality that cascades down from the very top. It's a busy and varied environment, so it’s sometimes challenging, but it's always very, very rewarding. We try to get people involved at all levels of the organisation. So, for example, when we launched our new vision we looked for key influencers from all over the organisation to help deliver the messages out to colleagues. It wasn't just cascaded top-down; it was about looking to those individuals to provide that excitement and engagement to colleagues to help deliver and embed that message.

“It's essential that you bring yourself to work and you stand behind your views”

I think people thrive on being themselves in LV=. We promote individuality and try to bring in broad views. We don't look for robots, and as a leader, I don't look for people in my team to be carbon copies of me. Quite the reverse. I look for people to be themselves, to bring their own individual values to complement the team so that together we are greater than any one individual. What I look for within my team is people who are natural and believe what they are saying. And the key word around that is people who are authentic. For me, that authenticity is key. I think it's absolutely essential that you bring yourself to work and you stand behind your views and beliefs. 

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