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Chloe Crocker

Customer Service Representative

Our Customer Service Representative, Chloe, tells us what it’s like to be a new starter in our Life and Pensions business and why she has a smile on her face coming into work every day.

“At LV= you get out what you put in”

I applied for a role in the Life and Pensions business because I wanted to work in a big company and it seemed like a really nice, friendly place. I’ve learnt so much in the 10 months since I started. The training process has been great and I now know the importance of pensions too, which has helped me in my personal life! I’m also training other people already, which I didn’t expect to be doing yet. But in the Life and Pensions business, you get out what you put in – and there’s plenty of room for progression if you want it.

My first day

On my first day, I sat with my buddy who covered all the basics, introduced me to the people on my team and showed me around the building. I came in and had no idea about pensions but he talked me through everything thoroughly – making sure he was taking the time to explain each system to me before moving on to the next thing. I trained with him for a month to get up to speed and everyone else on my team was really helpful during this time too. I never felt uncomfortable going up to anyone because everyone is really friendly and willing to help.   

“It’s really rewarding work and I love helping others out”

I’m proud to work here and the days fly by – I’m definitely not checking the time every five minutes. It’s really rewarding work and I love helping others out. I have a smile on my face when I walk into work every day because I look forward to seeing the people I work with and being able to positively impact our customers. We’re all focussed on doing the best thing for them, which is nice to see. The company isn’t just financially oriented, we’re customer orientated too. 

“I’m constantly improving my customer service skills and learning new things every day”

You do get given a lot of opportunities. At first, it’s about learning everything and getting to grips with the systems. But your managers will push you if that’s what you want. I feel like I’m constantly improving my customer service skills and learning new things every day, which is amazing. If you’re ready to put in the effort then you’ll thrive here. I always go out of my way to try and learn more. If I get a case that I’m not sure about at first, I’ll make sure that I see it through – I don’t give it away. I see it as an opportunity to learn. Working in the Life and Pensions business has helped me become a more confident person. It’s nice to know that if something happened outside of work now, I’d know how to handle the situation. And it’s also helped me develop my computer skills too – Excel in particular! 

“You can 100% be yourself here”

There’s plenty of balance and flexibility here. If I have the dentist or the doctors, or if I need to leave early, then I just need to make up the time elsewhere. It’s not a problem at all. I’m never scared or worried about talking to my manager. They’re professional, but I feel comfortable talking to them when I have a bad day, or a challenging call. They’re always understanding. We also have a wellbeing programme where you can talk to someone who’s trained about your mental health. It makes you feel more confident and comfortable at work, and knowing there are others in a similar situation is really good. You can 100% be yourself here. No one gets treated any differently and everyone’s really supportive – that’s why I love working here.


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