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Cristel Haley

Life Technical Analyst

Life Technical Analyst, Cristel, tells us about her role in LV= and what she’s learnt from our ‘Accelerate’ development programme. 

“There’s so much room for development here”

I’m one of the Life Technical Analysts working in Life MI. We are the central point for data in our Life and Pensions business, using different platforms, applications and technologies to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information, enabling more effective strategic, tactical and operational insights and decision-making.

I am responsible for our workstack management and resourcing for Finance projects and small change as well as my own project work stream developments. I really enjoy the variety of my role. I’m driven and energetic – that’s why I end up taking on a lot of work, which is challenging but also really rewarding. I relish the management side of my role and am excited about the future as there’s so much room for development here at LV=. My manager supports me and that makes me feel really secure in my role. It’s important to know that you’re looked after – I know that whatever I want to do, or whichever direction I want to go in, I have the support to do that.

Flexible working in the Life and Pensions business

The environment is really flexible and you’re trusted to get on with your work. I’m a British Army Reservist and so sometimes need to leave early, or book last minute time off. This is fully supported which is perfect for me. I believe if you give people a little bit of flexibility it can make a huge difference to their wellbeing.

Giving everyone a voice through Engage

On top of my day-to-day role, I’m the Engage Co-ordinator for Finance. My role is to liaise with my team of Engage Representatives and team managers to get feedback on how people feel about working in the Finance Department of LV=. Supporting management at all levels to understand what’s on the mind of our people. We’re there as a conduit of information between our employees up to exec level, to make sure we’re raising things that might cause concern. It’s about keeping everything open and honest, giving everyone a voice and providing open feedback on what our people think is important. 

Boosting my confidence through the Accelerate programme

I’m also part of the Accelerate programme, which is helping empower us to take responsibility for our career development and increasing our readiness for new opportunities. We were finding that significantly fewer women were moving into senior roles and so the programme hopes to improve the gender balance across all roles in financial services. A lot of the programme involves looking at different areas of development and improving your confidence, enabling you to step up and take on more responsibility – ultimately preparing you for leadership – if that’s what you want. It’s about active listening, resilience, and really thinking about what makes you happy in your role. Being in a like-minded, supportive group is great for lots of reasons. It’s opened up new and different thought processes and has also improved my wellbeing and confidence.

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