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Steve Knight

Transformation Director

Doing the right thing for our customers, our people and our business – that’s what Steve’s role as Transformation Director is all about. He shares his career journey so far and his views how to be successful in LV=. 

“Ultimately, insurance is a trust business. Our customers have to trust us”

During my 11 years in the Life and Pensions business, I've worked in a variety of areas, from procurement of facilities to customer experience. But right now, I’m accountable for the Transformation Directorate. It's our responsibility to deliver strategic transformational change across the Life and Pensions business – that’s everything from regulatory changes through to big cultural shifts and strategic projects as we move to become an even more customer-focused life insurer. Ultimately, insurance is a trust business where we make a promise to a customer and are trusted to keep that promise. It’s down to my team to scope, manage and deliver the change initiatives which will ensure our 178-year-old business continues to be relevant, compliant and ultimately keeps our customers’ trust. 

What gets me out of bed every morning

I’m naturally curious and driven to making a positive difference through action. I know that the decisions I take, the way that I behave, the changes that I push through, and the talented people I coach and lead will make a difference to the business, our customers and ultimately to the industry. We know that together, we can do things that move the dials and encourage other companies to react. So, the ability to go in and do something, and know that it’s going to make a real difference is what gets me out of bed every morning.

“We are flexible and always do the right thing” 

Ours is a business that works on individual connections and relationships. We always say we’re big enough to make a difference, but not so big that we've become impersonal . As a company we're all about people and we focus a lot on individualisation rather than process. There’s a degree of integrity in our DNA – we’re flexible and always do the right thing for our customers, members of staff and distributors. There’s a spirit and culture within the business of looking out for each other. Because at the end of the day, you get the best results when you work as an efficient, effective team that has fun along the way.

“If you're somebody who wants to make a difference, there is a massive opportunity for that”

The most important thing to me in any role is that my values align with the culture and the organisation. So, if you're somebody who wants to make a difference, and develop your career in business that has spirit and integrity, then there is a massive opportunity for that. 

We talk a lot about wanting people to bring their best self to work – because if they're being their best self, they're going to make the best difference – that's inevitable. And in the Life and Pensions business, you’re challenged to make that difference. If you want to have an impact, do the right thing by customers and really make things happen then it's a great place to do that. You need to put the time in to make it feel special, to make it work for customers. You need to want to use your own initiative to get stuck in. And you need to want to push to make things better. We're big enough as an organisation to make a difference in the industry, but we're not so big that it's hard to get stuff done – so it feels to me like we are the right scale to be impactful. 

We can make a difference for our customers and our success is built on doing the right thing for them, every time. And that makes our Life and Pensions business a really great place to grow your career. 

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