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My recruitment journey with LV=: Ben's Story


Ben Lee

Recruitment Consultant

Here in HR we are wholeheartedly people-focused and pride ourselves on looking after the brilliant individuals that work here. Our people are crucial to achieving our vision to build a modern mutual and HR is pivotal to ensuring that we’re attracting, recruiting, developing and recognising our talent in the best possible ways. At the heart of this sits our in-house Recruitment team. We’ve caught up with one of our Recruitment Consultants, Ben Lee, to hear about what he does and why you should come and work in Recruitment:

Who are you and what is your role?

“My name is Ben and I have been working in the LV= Recruitment team for just over a year now. I started my career recruiting for vacancies within Customer Service, Client Money and Procurement, before moving on to recruit for the Financial Advisory arm. This experience paved the way to join LV=.
Currently, I recruit experienced hires across Business Change, CIO, Finance, Internal Audit and Legal. Covering this variety of areas within the business has been great for my development, personally and professionally as it's exposed me to a number of different opportunities and many different stakeholders along the way. Every day is different, which keeps me very engaged and I really feel valued when I get to share insights into the work I've been doing or my previous recruitment experiences with Hiring Managers.
I think beginning my career with volume recruitment really helped me to hone my skills and prepare me for more senior, single head hires. It also enabled me to enhance my stakeholder management skills to the best they can be.”

What is the thing you most enjoy about recruitment?

The people - whether it is internal or external. Not many jobs allow you to meet, talk, learn and help a variety of different and diverse people on a daily basis! Whilst recruitment can have its challenges, one way or another you'll be helping a team or a person achieve something that helps work towards a larger goal, which could be in the business or in someone's personal life!

Why should you come and work in our Recruitment team at LV=?

This was the question I was asking the team back in February 2018! One of the reasons is that the culture and values here at LV= are fabulous - starting at putting our customers and people at the heart of what we do, to the work the Green Heart Experiences does, supporting our customers and members when they need help the most. It really helps you promote the prospect of joining LV= to potential candidates and showcase what people can get involved with.
Our Recruitment team is amazing and that goes for our wider HR family, (and I emphasise the word family) as that's what it feels like. If you need a hand with anything, you'll find willing colleagues to assist, no matter what the task, from a Friday afternoon quiz to creating macros.
Finally, the journey LV= is currently embarking on! With the focus of the business expanding and lots of exciting things going on within HR and beyond, there really is no better time to join LV=.

Thank you Ben for answering our questions.

If you would like to know more about the LV= Recruitment team, or wider HR, then please contact the recruitment team - LV.Recruitment@lv.com.