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Our tips on how to work from home effectively

For many of us, this year has involved working from home a lot more than we’d ever previously imagined. And with varying levels of restrictions on-going, it’s likely to be the norm for some time yet.

It can be difficult to focus when you work from home. You might have family members or housemates at home with you vying for your attention. Or maybe you keep getting distracted by things that need doing around house. Even if you’re alone and without distraction, it can feel isolating and present other problems. With everything going on around us and a new work environment to adapt to, it can be a challenge to not let our mental health decline.

It’s important to find the right balance between work and personal life. Here are some simple tips you can follow to make sure you are getting the most out of working from home.

Tip 1: Making a routine
Personal life and working life can easily merge into one when work and home become the same place. That’s why it’s really important to try and work to a routine. Wake up at the same time each day and start with a list of things that need to get done. A to-do list is a great way to make sure you are being as productive as possible. Remember to switch-off when it’s time to finish work and stop checking those emails during the evening!

Tip 2: Regular breaks
You should be taking regular breaks away from your workstation. This helps prevent aches and stiffness from sitting in the same position and also eyestrain from staring at your screen. Taking time out can be great for your mental health too. Go and make a hot drink, speak to a family member, or even take five to get some well-needed fresh air. Make sure you take a lunch break, where you can prepare a healthy lunch and perhaps leave the house for some downtime from the screen.

Tip 3: Workspace
Try not to fall into the trap of opening that laptop in the comfort of your bed, as this is really bad for your posture and concentration levels. Create a dedicated workspace where you can set up for the day, be comfortable and have support for your posture. An actual desk would be best, with no other distractions such as the television.

Tip 4: Stay connected with people
Working from home has its perks, but can also make us feel isolated at times due to lack of human interaction. A video meeting isn’t quite the same as chatting over a cup of coffee. Remember, there are probably lots of other people feeling the same way. A phone call to a friend or colleague could help you feel more connected and be greatly appreciated by someone who is feeling a bit out of touch with people.

Tip 5: Give Yourself a Break
These are extremely challenging times for everyone and it’s so important to be kind to yourself. The situation we find ourselves in can make us feel low at times, but remember there are a lot of people in the same position and plenty of people around you can talk to. You’re not alone and you’re doing the best you can! Never be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to colleagues about how you are feeling. This can do us the world of good and remind us there are also positives to this new way of working.

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