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Training, support and progression - A Q&A with LV= GI’s Customer Service Representatives

With all the training and support you need to get wherever you want to go, where could a role in our Customer Service team take you? We sat down with some of our Customer Service Representatives to find out about all things training, support and progression at LV= GI...

What’s the training like for Customer Service Representatives at LV= GI?

“My training team was brilliant, I couldn't fault it in any way. It was quick, easy, and gave me all the information I needed. It was fantastic - and doing it all from home was really good.” Bowan, Customer Service Representative.

“Even though I’ve been working from home since I joined, I had an amazing training experience. My team leader's great. Once a week, she'll send my stats to me and she'll always say, "you know I'm not that focused on your calls per hour but I'm really proud of you, these are really good." It's nice to get that feedback. And if I’m struggling, I can just reach out to her. She always asks "What can we do? What are you struggling with? How can we support?” Nate, Customer Service Representative.

Do you feel supported in your role?

“I can't praise my team leader enough, I absolutely love her. She's brilliant. Whenever she catches up with me, it's not, "you've done this wrong" - it's, "how can I support you?" And I think that's what the LV= GI culture is all about.” Krista, Senior Customer Service Representative.

“A lot of people think it's going to be really heavily target driven, but it’s not. If your stats are a little bit below average, you get all the support you need to bring you back on-side.” Craig, Senior Customer Service Representative.

Are there plenty of progression opportunities for Customer Service Representatives at LV= GI?

“At LV= GI, if you want to progress, you can - there's plenty of opportunity for it. I wanted to help with the training side of things - buddying and coaching and whatever else - and just keep doing more. I kept pushing and pushing and that's only got me to where I am now. I’m not just on the phone all the time. I do plenty of other stuff now too, which makes the job new and interesting every day. And when I do take phone calls, you get a different call that you've never had before, so you're always learning.” Harry, Customer Service Representative.

“I want to go into the training side of things. My team leader has been amazing - she's always helped me and gives me the time I need to coach my team members.” Naomi, Senior Customer Service Representative.

“There is the opportunity for a lot of Customer Representatives to move into buddy roles, and eventually become a team leader, if you want to.” Craig, Senior Customer Service Representative.

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