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Working in Claims at LV= GI > Working in Claims anywhere else

Who better to give you the lowdown on working in Claims at LV= GI than our Claims team themselves? We got John, Nathan, Luke, Charlotte and Matthew together to tell us why they love working at LV= GI and what makes our Claims team anything but average...

Nathan, Motor Claims Team Leader, Bristol:
Why is a role in Claims at LV= GI different to anywhere else? Here, I’m given the space to just get on and do my job. No-one's looking over my shoulder and questioning my decisions - but if I need assistance or support, or some training or coaching, I know I’ll be given all the help I need.

John, Recovery Claims Handler, Brentwood:
If you work for LV= GI, you're going to be working for a company that cares about you and treats you as a person, not a number. Not only is the business passionate about treating its customers fairly - they do the same for employees too. You're treated as an adult and are able to just get on with your job.

Charlotte, AD Senior Claims handler, Huddersfield:
I think there's a misconception that if you work in a call centre, you're just a number. But I don't feel like that at all in Claims at LV= GI. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to develop my skills and influence the way things are done. If you can identify something that can be improved within the business, you're encouraged to share your recommendation. It makes you feel like you're actually making a difference - and I don’t think you’d have that opportunity in many Claims roles.

Matthew, AD Claims Handler, Bournemouth:
Our Claims team is very modern and forward-thinking. That's why you get people who've been here 16 years - because you're treated like a human. The fact that I'm treated well by LV= GI is what absolutely secures my loyalty to the company and my role. I can’t imagine doing my role anywhere else.

Luke, Recovery Claims Handler, Recoveries Team, Ipswich:
At LV= GI, we don’t have tough targets to meet. There's an understanding that sometimes you might only get through 10 claims a day - other days it’s easier and you’re able to get through 15 or 20 pieces of work. All that’s asked is that you do the job to the best standard possible, rather than just rattle through. Here, you’re always able to go and ask for help if you need it and we're able to just get on with things. The business encourages you to put your own wellbeing first which makes you feel a lot more valued and trusted. I know I’m not just a number here.

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