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Get the lowdown on life at LV= GI Birmingham

There have been some big changes in our Birmingham office since we welcomed L&G into the LV= GI family – and our commitment to our customers is now stronger than ever. Customer Service Consultant, Natalie, tells us all about life at LV= GI Birmingham, finding her customer service calling and what’s next for her career with us. 

“Since L&G has joined the LV= GI family, there’s been loads of exciting change”

Coming from a career in retail, I joined what was formerly L&G Birmingham – now LV= GI – in December 2017. Since L&G has joined the LV= GI family, there’s been loads of exciting change. Working in a company where the focus is on providing the best service and supporting the customer is what I’ve always wanted. We know we need to continuously improve our customer service if we want to achieve our ambition of becoming the best loved general insurer, so we get loads of training to enable us to provide the best service to each and every customer. 

“You just need to believe in yourself and as long as you’ve got the support behind you, the world’s your oyster!”

LV= GI Birmingham is a really supportive place to work. It feels like family here. If you’re feeling a bit down, there’s always someone you can speak to. Throughout my first six months, I got loads of support. I didn’t know much about computers or the insurance industry, so I was really nervous. But sometimes, you just need to believe in yourself and as long as you’ve got the support behind you, the world’s your oyster! I was given loads of training to get me up to speed and now I’m a Senior Customer Service Agent. My whole life has changed for the better since I started working here – because I’m progressing in my professional life, I’m progressing in my personal life too!

“I’ve found my calling in customer service.”

If you want to thrive at LV= GI, you need to be passionate about customer service and have drive. I like to make sure that I treat people the way I’d like to be treated – some people say that’s going the extra mile but I disagree, it’s just how things should be done. I’m good with people and have a lot of compassion which has helped me a lot here as we speak to customers who are often in challenging or difficult situations. I feel good that I make a difference – it’s what I’m at work for. I’ve found my calling in customer service.

“Progression is down to you, so push yourself!”

I definitely feel that I can be myself at LV= GI Birmingham. We’ve so many different people and personalities. I gesticulate a lot and sometimes I flick my weave and snap my fingers when things are going really well – but that’s fine – no-one looks at me like I’m crazy! It’s a good place to work. The benefits and incentives are amazing, and there’s progression if you want it. Progression is down to you, so push yourself!

“LV= GI get me”

My biggest achievement so far has to be winning the Star Award for People, Passion and Culture in 2019. Getting that award showed me that LV= GI get me and that going the extra mile is always the right thing to do. What’s next for me at LV= GI? Just continuing to try and do the best job I can – focusing more on making sure each customer is happy and making sure my colleagues are happy too. If I can do my job well and everyone around me is smiling, that’s a bonus.  

Want to join our Customer Service team in Birmingham? We’ve got plenty of roles available for compassionate, customer-centric people like you. Find out more and apply today.

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