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Are you the future of digital marketing at LV=?

Are you the future of digital marketing at LV=?

Chances are, you’ve probably never considered a career in promoting financial products. But, you might have dreamt of a role where you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact with your digital marketing skillset.

We’re excited about what the future of digital marketing holds as we continue to embrace and utilise modern technology to promote our offerings to customers in ways that suit them. But don’t just take it from us. We got Marketing Executive, Laura and Senior Marketing Executive, Lydia together to ask them what interesting projects they’ve been working on and why a career in digital marketing at LV= is a great step for your career.

Digital marketing is a fast-changing environment - what are the latest trends?

Laura: Personalisation seems to be very popular currently. Naturally, personalised messaging captures higher engagement levels from the customer as they feel you are speaking to just them through targeted messaging. We are looking to utilise this technology at LV= and I am particularly keen to embed this into our marketing strategy, particularly for email this year.

Lydia: People are using video so much more than they used to, to promote their products or services. Recently, we’ve been exploring some new video software that can be personalised, making the content far more engaging for the end customer and creating a better response rate.

What interesting projects have you been working on?

Laura: We’ve had several workshops recently focusing on improving the end to end customer journey across a few of our offerings, which has been really insightful. I’m very much looking forward to seeing our ideas put into action and the positive impact this has.

Lydia: As part of the budget planning for 2017, money has been put aside to test some marketing opportunities that we’ve not explored before. I’ve been tasked with understanding what opportunities we could utilise by exploring what our competitors are doing, what forms of media our target audience are consuming and putting forward some recommendations based on forecasting our return on investment into the potential new channels.

What’s so great about working in the Digital Marketing team at LV=?

Lydia: LV= is such a great company to work for generally. The culture here is fantastic and you’re really supported on a personal level. In terms of our team, we’ve recently created different work streams which bring the expertise of the whole team into one function. So we’ve now got a much more robust process in place for delivery, ensuring that everyone is fully aligned to the objectives and timescales involved.

Laura: I’ve been at LV= for almost two years now and I can honestly say it’s been my best career move yet. No-one is complacent and we are always looking at ways to improve what we do and what we offer. We work as part of a larger team that touches on expertise from UX, design, marketing, analytics and digital content, enabling us to tackle upcoming projects from all angles. Our team really is like a little family that I am so glad to be a part of.

Are you the sort of passionate, analytical marketing professional we’re looking for to join our Digital Marketing team? To find out more about working here, please head over to our Digital Marketing careers page