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Build your skills, shape our future, make an impact

Build your skills, shape our future, make an impact

A three year programme with an incredible reach. In one of the biggest projects in our history, we’re undergoing a huge transformation that will significantly enhance the way we operate. We’re updating systems and putting in place effective new technologies. It’s all very exciting and Rob Keeble, our Head of Technology Delivery is driving the programme forward from an IT point of view. We caught up with him for a quick chat about technology, opportunities and shaping the future at LV=.

Hi Rob! Tell us a bit more about the transformation programme?

It’s a huge three year programme of change, which draws on lots of interesting technologies and methodologies. Fundamentally, it’s all about improvement. Better systems and services for our people. Better journeys and products for our customers. It all began, when a few years ago, we were forecasting ahead and recognised the need to move things forward. We identified technologies that needed updating and areas that could be enhanced – like our insurance products and rates, and how customers make payments and adjust their policies over the Internet. From this, we embarked on this transformation. It’s been an exciting challenge that has opened up some really interesting opportunities for people.

Could you elaborate on the new technologies and ways of working?

We’re using a lot of Guidewire and Java technologies with Agile methodologies, which are now embedded very well here. It’s about empowering people in their roles and giving them the tools and opportunities to shape the future of the business. To deliver the programme, we’re working in a truly collaborative way – not only throughout the team but across the organisation. This brings a lot more depth to people’s role and provides a great platform to enhance your skills and genuinely make an impact.

Talking of people’s roles, how long have you been at LV=?

Seven years, in total. I started my career here working on smaller scale projects and programmes and as we’ve evolved, so has my role. Before I joined LV=, I’d worked in a variety of places: start-ups, other financial organisations. I was really attracted to the entrepreneurial feel at LV= and the supportive culture. We have family-like values and give people a lot of opportunity to really drive things forward.

What makes working in technology at LV= special?

Having the freedom and empowerment to be genuinely innovative. You’re empowered to make change happen – and quickly. There’s no blame culture and we’re not afraid to try things and give new ideas a go. One of our values is ‘don’t wait to be asked’ and it really reflects our can-do attitude. We’re pragmatic and we work as a strong team, which makes it a great environment to learn and develop in. Right now, things are thriving and technology is at the forefront of it all, so it’s a very exciting time to join us.

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