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Four months, forward-thinking innovations and a family-like culture

Four months, forward-thinking innovations and a family-like culture

Daniel joined us as an Information Security Consultant in October 2015. We caught up with him on a coffee break to talk about changes, innovative challenges and coastline cycle rides to work.

What attracted you to join LV=?

Two reasons, really. Firstly, I liked that LV= has a dynamic, start-up mentality yet a real family feel to the culture. They approach things with an innovative outlook and it’s not a huge corporation where you can’t get things done. The location’s also great for me. I live in Christchurch and, whereas before I’d had a long drive to work with lots of additional business travel, it’s now only about a 15 minute drive to work or a nice cycle along the beachfront. I have a young family so spending less time commuting makes all the difference!

How has the reality of working at LV= compared to your expectations?

I’ve been really impressed by how much LV= values everyone’s ideas and gives people the opportunity to think up new solutions and different ways of approaching business. We have Innovation Labs here and an online Innovation Forum so everyone can contribute and share ideas. This allows that seed of a thought to grow into a workable solution. Many of these great ideas have been implemented that not only improve ways of working but also change how business is being done for the future.

What kind of things have you been involved in since you started?

In my role, I advise on everything from large transformation programmes to small business projects. I provide consultancy to the General Insurance (GI) side of LV=. I’ve recently been working on an exciting programme that will pioneer how LV= does business and enable us to continue to provide the best service possible to our customers both now and in the future. The technological and threat landscapes are constantly evolving so it’s important that we’re all thinking about the risk implications of those. Looking after customers’ data and keeping information safe is crucial to our business but fundamentally demonstrates to our customers that we value their data and care for it as if it was our own. I enjoy being able to get involved in a wide variety of interesting projects.

How does LV= compare to other places you’ve worked?

One of the big differences at LV= is that everyone can have a say in changes that are made and how things are done, so you definitely feel more valued. It’s not just people at the top who make all the decisions. There’s a real can-do attitude here. People get together and share ideas, and you’re provided with the tools you need to make things happen. I’m really enjoying it at the moment – it’s great working with like-minded people who share your passion and the quicker commute also means I get to spend more time with my new son.

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