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Introducing LV='s new in house User Experience Lab

Introducing LV='s new in house User Experience Lab

When you think of insurance you think of innovation, emerging technologies and the ever expanding digital landscape –right? Ok…maybe not, but at LV= we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s most revolutionised insurers. We embrace the fast moving pace of the digital world and ensure that those who work with us are able to as well.

Apart from working with the big players in the tech world such as Google, we have some pretty exciting new functions in house too. As a part of our ‘work place of tomorrow’ movement, we have a User Experience Lab due for completion in Summer 2016. In essence, we are giving our head office a total overhaul to allow for digital testing, technological development and flexible working.

Why do we need a UX lab?

The lab allows us to test all our digital concepts and ideas in house; the lab will be used to test new digital journeys with consumers, Independent Financial Advisers and our own employees. It’s also a great space for creative workshops, end to end campaign reviews or just some thinking space.

What happens in the UX lab?

We have created a test lounge and a viewing room. The lounge is set up like a consumer’s front room so that we can test digital experiences either on desktop or mobile whilst they are in a normal situation being distracted by a TV or companion.

While the consumer embarks on the journey being tested, we can view their face and screen as well as tracking where they type, click or tap from the observation room. By doing this, we can design solutions in real time to the problems that we see coming through the test.

Where will the UX lab be in the future?

We started our User Centred Design (our mantra) almost 4 years ago now, where we design our digital offerings hand in hand with the end user who it's targeted at and the UX lab is the latest evolution of that. In 5 years’ time we hope that all business decisions at a board level are in-part user and data driven. Essentially, the lab enables us to host a truly customer-centric culture.

In summary; if you’re looking for a career in the digital sector, within a company where testing, developing and innovating is encouraged, look no further than LV=. Take a look at our current vacancies page to see our latest digital and testing opportunities.