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LV= has gone Nuts

LV= has gone Nuts

LV=’s Digital Marketing team took on the Nuts Challenge, a 7-28k assault course adventure race in Surrey, near London. Here, Paul, our Digital Content Executive, details the events of the day.

On a ridiculously cold, wet and windy March morning, LV=’s Digital Marketing team set about conquering the Nuts Challenge. After a brief confidence building talk by a man in a kilt (while in the safety of a warm, muddy tent) we split into three teams and were ready to begin, knowing nothing of the reality that lay ahead.

What started off as a fun and slippery experience sliding through mud from the start line, quickly turned into numb limbs, after being submerged in icy cold muddy water for long periods as we trudged through swamps and tunnels. The relentless obstacles continued. We went up, down, over, through and under everything from tyre walls and cargo nets, to carrying sandbags and car tyres up and down hills and verges, all while spending most of the time in muddy pools of water.

It took a painful turn when we were shot at by paintball guns while crawling under a cargo net. There were smoke and flash bombs going off, and shouting drill sergeants pushing you through tiny tunnels and muddy bunkers.

Finally we arrived at the pinnacle of the course; a massive, intimidating water slide. After keeping our heads above water for five kilometres, the team raced down the slide heading to the icy bath waiting below. Going under was more devastating than we could have possibly imagined.

Yet we soldiered on, bravely entering into the lakes, wading neck deep in icy water to finish the challenge. We did everything we could to complete the obstacles together, two and a half hours and seven kilometres after starting – the sense of achievement was great when we finally crossed the finish line. Anyone up for a second lap? While Dave and Karen cried at the thought, Dino and Gabi went on to do a truly crazy three additional laps, taking seven and a half hours to complete.

So far the team have raised a huge £1,153 for mental health charity SANE – and if you’d like to add to that total, head to their JustGiving page. So, who’s up for the summer Nuts Challenge?!