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Plenty of opportunities in Pricing

Plenty of opportunities in Pricing

Pricing is vital at LV= because we need to make sure we’re pricing our policies and products competitively. Because our Pricing team make a genuine difference to the success of our organisation, we want to reward them with big projects and a varied range of work across our Life and GI departments. But what’s it like to really work here? We ask Adam and Charles, two of our Senior Pricing Analysts, for their views on what makes pricing at LV= a brilliant career choice.

“The people here are a strong draw,” says Adam, who joined LV= 10 months ago. “There’s a lot of inter-team support and we share knowledge across the department.” Charles, another recent joiner to the team, explains that it’s not just knowledge sharing at a basic level: “It’s high level technical understanding because we have a whole range of people working here at different stages in their career. It means it’s a great place to develop skills and gain knowledge.”

Adam agrees. He made the move to LV= because a previous colleague he worked with had spoken fondly of the organisation and painted a great picture of the culture and working environment. Having researched into the company for himself, Adam was impressed by the company values and wanted to know more. “My interview was really interesting because it gave me the opportunity to get a good feel for the people that worked here – now my colleagues! I was really impressed by the amount of products and range of opportunities that were on offer too, as well as the long-term career potential.”

Charles agreed. “I thought the interview was great because I got the impression that the company really cared about who it was employing and every function of the organisation,” he says. “Towards the end of the interview we had a good level of discussion around the technical side of pricing and that gave me a great understanding of the culture here.” Indeed, since joining Charles says he really enjoys the social nature of the team, highlighting the regular meals and events the team go out for, while Adam values the short walk into Croydon centre to run any lunchtime errands or explore the wide range of local food and lunch options on offer. “It’s also just a 20 minute train journey into central London for those of the team that commute,” adds Adam.

Beyond that? Both Adam and Charles are looking forward to the increasing digitalisation of the company and the impact that will have on the pricing department. “The insurance industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving,” says Adam. “We are growing our technical and product innovation to stay dynamic and that’s why the company is investing in innovative technology, as well as its people. I’ve been doing some training on new tools and techniques recently to up my skillset and I know this is a focus for the business going forward.” Charles agrees, adding: “At the moment, for example, training is being rolled out on machine learning to a smaller group who will then be able to pass their knowledge and understanding on, which benefits the whole pricing team.” There’s also the opportunity to request formal training if you believe it’ll help your role and the business, which has been taken up across the team. “As a more senior person in the team, the onus is very much on you to make the most of opportunities – you’re encouraged to make it happen,” adds Charles.

In terms of career opportunities, both Adam and Charles believe there’s lots of scope to move up and around the team as positions become available, with the ability to move across products for a month or so to expand knowledge and learn from others on the team about the way they work. “It benefits everyone,” says Adam. “Because at the end of the day, it’s great to see how other people work and how they overcome issues or problems, for example, and learn from that. It’s a brilliant way of working.”

Exciting projects, huge opportunities and lots of potential – that’s something you can’t put a price on! If you’re inspired you can find out more about our current pricing team opportunities here.