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Putting customers first and getting work-life balance right

Putting customers first and getting work-life balance right

The world around us is constantly changing. But what does that mean for customer service? How do we keep up with the pace of change and ensure that we’re delighting customers, not now but for years to come? The great thing about joining LV= is that everyone here is incredibly customer focused and has a genuine passion for doing the right thing for people. We’re already incredibly customer focused. The next step is to develop us into a truly customer-centric organisation. I’m currently working on a customer centricity plan, looking five years ahead to make sure we’re fit for what the future holds and to meet our customer’s evolving needs. Insight goes far beyond just knowing our customers’ ages and postcodes; it’s about understanding their attitudes and behaviours. We’re already the UK’s Most Trusted Insurer so it’s a really exciting time to help deliver even greater value.

From leading retailer to a longer term business view

I joined as Customer and Member Director in January 2016. Before that, I was Customer Experience Manager for a leading retailer. One of the things that attracted me was the fact that, as a mutual, LV= takes a longer term view of the business. It’s not all about working to targets; there’s a great opportunity to shape the future and drive the brand forward. As a company today, you have to think ahead. Customers have more choice than ever – and this will only become more prominent over coming years. If you’re not focusing on your customers and what they want, they’ll go elsewhere. You need to be able to see the world through a customer’s eyes, understand their expectations and develop products – and the brand – in line with this. We’re creating a dedicated insight team of experts that will empower us to design products around customers. Just one of the many projects keeping me busy at the moment!

Being supported to get the work-life balance right as a working mum

Right now, no two weeks are the same! I tend to spend a few days in Bournemouth or visiting our offices across the UK, getting to know the customer service teams who are, in my opinion, the most important people in the business. I work from home at least one day a week and always make sure I get to spend some quality time with my daughter. I’m also pregnant at the moment so travelling from Guildford can get especially tiring. Luckily, flexibility is something that LV= is really supportive of. I’ve never felt that I have to take a step back or down in my career in order to be a great mum. My family will always be number one and I don’t believe that that should have to change anything. I don’t give any less to my work because of this and LV= respects that. It’s all about balance but for me, work-life balance is a priority not a perk – and nothing beats running wild or climbing trees with my daughter!

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