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Wellbeing: What’s it all about?

Wellbeing: What’s it all about?

At LV= wellbeing is more than just a buzzword. Making sure our people are happy and satisfied at work, and also outside of work, is hugely important to us. As well as being happiness and health, wellbeing means developing and being fulfilled. We believe that there are four key elements to wellbeing:

Helping our people to be healthy – physically and mentally
From walking clubs to personal resilience, we want our people to have the support, knowledge and tools to look after their health. Yes, routine health and safety are important parts of this but it’s also about health issues that might be unrelated to the work place. Our Employee Assistance programme offers all employees a confidential, independent point of support and advice and our intranet provides useful facts, podcasts and articles on different health issues. We also have a number of occupational health initiatives in place to support employees with any issues they come up against. In addition to all that, we put on a number of interesting activities in line with National Health Awareness campaigns.

Helping our people to flourish
We want to help our people to be the best that they can be in their careers. As part of our wellbeing strategy, we’re committed to supporting our employees to develop and progress within their career. We provide plenty of access to learning – whether that’s external courses or internal workshops – and extensive coaching, mentoring and on-the-job development. We also pride ourselves on recognising and rewarding people for their hard work; something we do in a number of ways.

Helping our people to prosper and commit
For us, wellbeing starts from within so we want people to feel safe and happy in the place that they work. It’s important to us that people feel secure within their jobs and looked after by us as an organisation. We understand that everyone has commitments and different situations outside of work and we have a number of tools and methods to support a healthy work/life balance. Flexible working is one of our key focuses at the moment and we do what we can to help people find the happy medium between the demands of both work and home.

Helping our people connect
Whenever we ask our employees what their favourite thing about working at LV= is, there is always one key answer: the people. We’re passionate about promoting a culture of positivity throughout the organisation and making sure that LV= is a place where people treat one another with care and respect and build good, supportive working relationships. This goes outside our four walls too and we do lots of work within the community with each office having their own chosen charity.