Diversity and inclusion

We believe that in modern society, it shouldn’t take a dedicated page to show you that we’re an inclusive employer. It should be a given. We are all different (what a boring place it’d be if we weren’t) and here at LV= we celebrate diversity.

Our strategy

Not only does it make for a more interesting place to work but it helps us to better understand our marketplace and customer base. For us, it’s crucial that each and every one of our people feels comfortable being themselves at work. It’s something we truly care about and we’re wholeheartedly committed to making sure that everyone here is encouraged, supported and respected for their individuality. From our inclusive policies and brilliant internal communities to our solid partnerships with great organisations, there’s a lot that we could tell you about our Diversity and Inclusion work but first, we thought we’d let our most important asset - our people - speak for themselves.

"If you have people who have different perspectives and experiences in life, who look at things in different ways and you put those people in a room and they all feel comfortable with each other then inevitably you get greater collaboration. You get greater cross-fertilisation of ideas and things become more creative and innovative. I want everyone who comes to work for LV= to feel that they can be themselves when they come into work. That they don’t have to pretend to be someone else to fit in, or to hide some aspect of their personality or life."

Richard Rowney, Chief Executive, LV=

Our LV= networks and communities

We spend a significant proportion of our time at work, so we want to make sure that it’s somewhere everyone can feel comfortable, respected and supported. We have a number of networks in place for individuals to get together and share things that are important to them in order to ensure we continuously challenge our current thinking and working practices – ultimately to build an inclusive environment within our workplace, as well as through our interactions with our customers and members.


PACE stands for Potential, Ambition, Connections and Empowerment. It’s the forum we have in place to make sure women feel well-supported to fulfil their potential and excel in their careers.


We’re incredibly proud to have such a brilliant lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community, with some great Allies. Through advice, guidance and shared experiences, this network provides valuable support and education on the topics of LGBTQ rights and issues. Members have also recently helped to review and update our policies and customer proposition.

Disability Listening Group

Our Disability Listening Group is an opportunity for attendees to talk openly and in confidence about their individual experiences of LV= as a workplace for people with disabilities and their allies. Sponsored and attended by senior managers, this helps us to enhance how we support customer, members and fellow colleagues with disabilities.

Latest diversity and inclusion stories

“I’ve never worked anywhere that cares about its people as much as LV=”

It’s amazing working somewhere that you can feel comfortable being yourself and not having to hide who you truly are. As a transgender female and a lesbian, having a strong LGBT network is important to me and at LV= everyone is treated with the same respect, and valued as an individual. Right from the start of my transition, the support I’ve received has been incredible. Because I can truly be myself here, I’m flourishing in my role and I’ve never been happier.

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“When it comes to Diversity and Inclusion, LV= doesn’t just talk the talk.”

Here, you don’t have the hierarchical nature or office politics that you get in other places. Everyone is treated with the same respect and support.  I’m 100% out and I’ve never, ever been made to feel any different. Individuality runs so much further than just gender and sexuality. There are people here of all culture, beliefs and backgrounds and LV= truly values the fact that everyone is different. And do you know what? Being able to be yourself makes you feel so much happier at work. 

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Having such an open, respectful culture makes you want to do great things for customers.”

Before I joined LV= I used to change jobs about every three years but here, with so many opportunities and such a great culture, I never feel bored. I’m a gay man and in previous companies I’ve worked for, I’ve felt that I had to shield myself or act differently to be accepted but here I feel completely comfortable being myself now. I feel listened to, respected and my ideas are valued. I don’t have to pretend or worry – I can be 100% Steve.

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“People here are friendly and managers are proactive in ensuring that everyone feels included.”

I’m registered blind with Stagardts Disease, a genetic condition that attacks the central macular area of the retina at the back of the eye. LV= has been amazing about my eyes. Right from my very first interview, they’ve put a lot of time, effort and investment into making sure I have the tools and technology needed to help me do my job as easily as possible – something I really appreciate. People here are friendly and managers are proactive in ensuring that everyone feels included. I think I’d struggle to find such a great culture elsewhere. 

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Affiliations and Partnerships

We are proud to be one of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions. Through this programme, we’re a part of a Britain’s leading best practice employers’ forum for gender identity equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Our membership of the Business Disability Forum is just one example of our commitment to ensuring that we are a disability-smart organisation through training, understanding and continuous improvement.