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A place where everyone's welcome

I'm part of the One Network here at LV= GI. We raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion.
LV= GI gives us all the support we need to make this initiative a success.

Everyone’s welcome

You want to work somewhere you can bring your whole self to work. Where nothing holds you back. We get it. That’s why Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is such a fundamental part of our company culture and people-first values.

We embrace and celebrate what brings our people together - and also what makes everyone different. Because having a broad range of perspectives and backgrounds not only makes LV= GI a more interesting place to work, it helps us to better understand our customers and their needs.

This all sounds great on paper, but what’s different here is how we put it into practice every day. You’ll find six diversity and inclusion networks across LV=GI, they are committed to embedding D&I into every layer of our organisation and creating a safe space for everyone.

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What diversity means to us

We believe a diverse and inclusive culture is the key to our success and we’re proud to have been recognised in The Inclusive Top 50 UK Employers rankings. To help support and guide us on our D&I journey, we’ve signed up to a number of initiatives and memberships such as:

Women in Finance Charter
Working Families
Race at Work Charter
Business in the Community
ABI Flexible Working Charter
Business Disability Forum


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Our employee networks

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The One Network brings together people from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, sharing experiences and ensuring we offer equal opportunities for all.

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The Ability Network provides a safe and welcome space for all disabilities and long-term health conditions, ensuring everyone in our business is empowered and valued.

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The Gender Inclusion Network aims to promote and create an inclusive environment at LV= GI, where all genders feel included and have equal opportunities every day.

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The Gen-Love Network aims to understand the challenges faced by our employees at different stages of their life. We’re proud to support five generations within our workforce, each of whom bring value and varied perspectives to the LV= GI business.

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The Parents & Carers Network supports, celebrates and champions working parents and carers, helping them be the best they can be at work and at home.

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The Pride Network ensures that the diverse community of LBTQIA+ colleagues at LV= GI can be visible across the business, and that their voices are heard and valued.

Supporting our Working Carers


We’ve teamed up with Carers UK to give our employees with all kinds of caring responsibilities access to free, comprehensive support to help make caring easier.

Through a tailored online platform our people have access to a wealth of expert advice; including information about flexible working, self-advocacy, and planning ahead. They also have access to a wide range of toolkits to support them in managing the daily practicalities of caring alongside the heath, financial and social impacts. Our managers have access to tips, tools and guidance designed to open conversations around caring with understanding and empathy, and work flexibly with their team members to implement solutions that enable them to balance work effectively and sustainably with caring responsibilities.

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Your wellbeing is our priority

We have a brilliant network of Wellbeing Representatives and Mental Health First Aiders here at LV= GI. Covering important subjects like mental health, sleep, nutrition and more. We deliver a calendar of company-wide and local activities to support all of our teams. We’ve also made sure everyone who works here can access the Headspace app for free – so you can unwind, meditate and more, when you need it most.

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Support that’s easy to access

The right support at the right time whether it’s reactive or preventative.

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Health and wellbeing education

Useful advice to help employees live happier, healthier lives.

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A targeted and tailored approach

Using data and insight to make sure our activities reflect our employees' needs.

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Mental health awareness

Mental health first aiders, as well as recognition and support throughout LV= GI.

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Working flexibly

We recognise that there is a huge demand for permanent roles that offer flexible working options. This gives employees flexibility on where, when and how they’d like to work their hours, across all genders, ages and for a broad range of reasons.

At LV= GI many of our people benefit from fixed and non-fixed flexible working patterns, which helps support working parents, those who are carers or those transitioning back into the workplace. Others may choose to work flexible for wellbeing and work life balance.

Download our Flexible Working policy

Our people and their stories

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Alan Dickenson

Communication and Engagement Executive

LV= GI gives individuals the platform to tell their stories, to help spread awareness and educate those who want to understand more.

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Katie Hermans

Head of IT Risk and Compliance

At LV= GI there is no distinction between men and women in IT; you’re part of the team, you’re accepted, your opinions and skills will be valued.

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Paul Cummings

Operations Manager

There’s a genuine family feel within the organisation, it’s felt throughout the culture and reflected in the company values.