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Our Diversity and Inclusion Networks

We’re proud to be on a journey where we are creating an environment in which everyone’s comfortable to bring their true selves to work. And our six Diversity and Inclusion networks have played an important role in helping us get to where we are today. Providing education and action on a wide range of topics that impact our people, these networks give everyone a voice. And by broadening awareness and understanding throughout the business, they foster a truly diverse and welcoming working environment.

We don’t claim to be perfect, but we understand how utterly crucial Diversity and Inclusion is to the workplace. We’re so passionate about embracing all things Diversity and Inclusion that we ensure it’s considered at every touch point. And we continue to go above and beyond so that everyone feels included and celebrated, every day, for simply being themselves. Because we know that it makes sense to have a workforce full of content, confident people from different backgrounds with different perspectives. It’s good for business, good for our customers and of course, it’s good for our people too.

Our six networks are:

Gender Inclusion
Aims to promote and create an inclusive environment at LV= GI, where all genders feel included and have equal opportunities every day.

Parents & Carers
Supports, celebrates and champions working parents and carers, helping them be the best they can be at work and at home.

ONE Network
Brings together people from different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, sharing experiences and ensuring we offer equal opportunities for all.

Gen-Love Network
Aims to understand the challenges faced by our employees at different stages of their life. We’re proud to support five generations within our workforce, each of whom bring value and varied perspectives to the LV= GI business.

Ability Network
Provides a safe and welcome space for all types of disabilities and long-term health conditions, ensuring everyone in our business is empowered and valued.

Pride Network
Ensures that the diverse community of LBTQIA+ colleagues at LV= GI can be visible across the business, and that their voices will be are heard and valued.

Our D&I Networks at are at the heart of our people-first culture, and they’re just one part of our ongoing commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.