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Empowered to make a difference – Q&A with Customer Service Representative, Charlotte

Want to join a team where your voice is heard, your efforts are valued, and your impact is felt? Discover why a LV= General Insurance (LV= GI) Customer Service Representative role could be perfect for you.

Hi, Charlotte. Can you tell us about your role at LV= GI?

I work as a Customer Service Representative in Motor Services. As Customer Service Representatives, we spend most of our time on the phone talking to customers, helping them with all things car insurance. I've been in my role for just over a year and a half – and I’ve definitely improved and progressed along the way. We're constantly being trained on new things, so it never gets boring. I now help coach other colleagues, hold meetings and give team presentations too.

What’s a typical day like for you?

No two days are ever the same. It's full-on – but in such a good way. You're always engaging with the customer and looking to provide the best service possible. I actually really love taking calls where I've got to spend half an hour looking into our more challenging policies to find out what to do. It's so fun.

What makes working at LV= GI different from other companies?

I worked in customer service before but it's a different level of service here. At LV= GI, we’re so empowered to do what we think is right and be confident in ourselves and our choices. And we never do any cold calling.

Do you feel you make a difference to your customers?

We definitely make a difference and it’s great to know you have the power to improve someone’s day. By providing an incredible service, we can help turn our customers’ days around completely.

Do you have tough targets to achieve?

No, we don't have to make a certain number of calls in a day. As long as the customer gets the outcome that they want, or you help them as much as you can, that's all that matters. For example, you might speak to an older customer who wants to have a long chat – and that's absolutely fine.

Do you feel you’re listened to and valued by the company?

We’re always asked for our opinions. It's very employee-run in that we get a say in every little thing and we’re encouraged to share our ideas. We are definitely listened to and valued here. And we have great team leaders that we can reach out to at any point.

Do you have a good work-life balance at LV= GI?

LV= GI has a great flexible working policy. I like to go to gigs in the evening and working from home means I can just get straight on the train to wherever I want to be. So it's absolutely great to have that flexibility.

How have your perceptions of LV= GI changed since you joined?

When I first started, I thought that it was just going to be a big corporate company. But it couldn't be further from that. You are part of a team here. We provide our service from the heart, we're not just given a script. We talk and we say what we feel like saying in that moment, and always do what's right by the customer. I definitely wasn't expecting that when I first joined.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about joining LV= GI?

I’ve recommended LV= GI quite a few times to my friends and family. I just think it's a really nice place to work and we are so supported in what we do. You’ll be given all the coaching you need, you just need to have a good work ethic and want to do right by people.

What three words would you use to sum up working at LV= GI?

Fun, encouraging and supportive.

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